Camps for Adults
May eleventh, marching off to camp ourselves.

Last time, we looked at summer camps for kids, but our offspring don't have to have all the fun. Many adults are finding a camp vacation can be more rewarding than a week at the beach.

One reason is that summer camp ranks among the fondest childhood memories of a surprising number of adults. Maybe it's because with time and money at a premium, people want more from their vacations. Or it could be the slew of specialized, camp opportunities for adults that have sprung up in recent years.

Sports camps are popular and can greatly improve your game, whether it's golf, tennis or baseball. There are music camps, chess camps, cooking camps, clown camps, fly-fishing camps, even space and flight training camps. You can learn how to cane a chair or build a house. There are specialized camps for seniors; even camps for grandparents to bring their grandkids.

Numerous religious and health-oriented organizations hold workshops and retreats where adult campers can nourish both body and soul. Outward Bound, famous for its wilderness survival camps for teens, also offers a range of treks for adults. Even Disney has jumped on the adult camp bandwagon, with its Orlando Institute.

Though these camps run the range from inexpensive to pricy, all offer an opportunity to engage in something that goes beyond the everyday life, to hone old skills and discover new interests. And of course, there are still plenty of "camp" camps, where grownups can go to enjoy all the summer activities they loved as kids.

FMI For information on a range of adult summer camps, there's a good book Vacations That Change Your Life by Ellen Lederman (Sourcebooks). Http:// lists several hundred camps which can be searched by region and area of interest.


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